The Settings page contains options to customize and manage the app.

Play on Start - Enable this option to automatically start playing the last channel when the app launches.

Pause - Enable this option to allow the current channel to be paused. This will change the Stop button to a Pause button in the MiniPlayer.

Disable Screen Lock - Enable this option to prevent the screen from turning off. This will reduce battery life when the device is not plugged in.

Previous/Next - Select the behavior of the previous/next buttons when using a remote control (such as as in-car Bluetooth controls or a third party Bluetooth remote).

Change Channels - Select this option to change channels.
Rewind/Skip - Select this option to rewind the current song or skip to the next song on the current channel.

My Music Library - Enable this option to have the app automatically create a set of channels based on the music in your library.

My Playlists - Enable this option to have the app automatically create channels for each of your playlists.

Note: You can customize or delete any of the channels automatically created by the above options. If you customize one of these app-created channels, it becomes one of your custom channels. If you later disable the My Music Library or My Playlists options, your custom channels will not be removed.

Sync Music Library - This will perform a complete refresh of the music database. Last sync - Indicates the last time the app database was synced with your music library.

Reset - This will perform a full reset of the app. All custom channels, favorites, presets, and settings will be deleted and returned to their original states.

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