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Turn your personal music library
into personalized radio.

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There's always something playing.
Just tap on a channel to tune in.

Channels is the iPhone music player that brings the experience of radio to your personal music collection. It's a fun and familiar way to listen to your tunes. Every channel plays in real time. Just tap to tune in!

  • Creates channels from your library and playlists
  • Customize any channel or create your own
  • Zoom in for full screen album art
  • Simple gesture controls
  • Album Shuffle
  • Background multitasking support
  • Bluetooth remote control support
  • Much more...


It's the easiest way to listen
in the car or on the go.

Channels was designed from the ground up to be easy to use in the car or on the go. The intuitive, radio-style interface and simple gesture controls let you hear more of your music with less hassle and distraction.

For an even better experience, use your car's Bluetooth controls or a third party Bluetooth remote to change change channels and control playback.


Customize any channel
or create your own.

Channels gives you total control over the music. Fine tune the built-in channels to hear just the music you want. Or create your own channels from scratch in just a few taps!

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Requirements: Compatible iOS device running iOS 7 or higher.